Type of Modular Workstations

Modular workstations are user friendly and provide components according to the space and needs of the work as well as the user. The key components of modular workstations are based on office drawers, hutches, writings, etc.

At we manufacture ergonomic modular workstations, making it more comfortable which eventually helps in improving an employee’s performance.

Here are few modular workstation designs, we offer online at the best selling price in India depending upon your needs and budget:

  • Extendable Modular Workstations Style: This design offers maximum functionality as compared to the rest of the modular workstation styles as the storage cabinets and other accessories can be installed as and when required. The most important and beneficial advantage of Extendable Modular workstations is their flexibility. One can also install an interlocking mechanism drawer in these types of modular workstations.
  • Compartment Type Modular Workstations: As the name suggests, compartment types of modular workstations workstations are completely covered in the form of small cabins. This formation provides complete privacy to theemployees along with easy connectivity. The workspace is huge as there are separate storage spaces which avoid further separate spaces for storage occupying massive space in office area. Compartment modular workstations provide separate accessories like keyboard and mouse trays and complete wire management for the cables.
  • Four Seater Modular Workstations: This is a cluster type of workstation design where each workspace is manufactured in an L-shaped manner with four seats on all four sides. These L-shaped workstations give you an advantage using a lot of working space for all your equipments including computers and telephone as well as for your files and other stationery. For further ease, four seater modular workstations benefit you with keyboard and CPU trolleys.
  • Four Seater Modular Workstations with End Panels: This design is same as the normal four seater modular workstation design. However, the only difference is that of a panel attached at the end of the workstation, ensuringextra privacy for better performance which can create an effect of a separate cabin. Also, just like other modular workstation design there are options to attach separate cabinets or drawers for storage as and when required.


Modular workstations are generally categorized in the corners or the u-shaped places at the offices or buildings. We try to deliver the most suitable and preferred modular workstation design as per the customer’s needs and requirements. They can be adjusted as per the space provided. For small scale businesses, this option gives you its optimum utilization.

The family of aims at providing you the best from the rest if modular workstations available online at a price which you will never negotiate on

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