Office Furniture Modern Design

Modern and Modular Office Furniture

An office is a biggest example of design phenomenon. So, we should concentrate about the Office Furniture design brief using proper fittings and finishes and how to cleverly place the Office Furniture in a decorated room. The office furniture selection and placement will further enhance all the growth and standard of the office.

First let’s look at little office furniture history. In the early 18th century office furniture consisted of tall wooden racks, heavy wooden tables and high chairs. In early 19th century little was the change. Lighter four legged tables replaced the heavy tables. Then later in that century benches took place of tables and as the man force increased the number of benches increased.

Today’s office furniture design patterns are very different from the past. They are also known as Modular Workstations and such offices as modular office designs. The following are certain details, which should be taken care of for the office furniture.

Reception Area Chairs and Tables :

The reception is an area where generally only one person works in a large place so a proportional size desk should be designed.

Work Space Tables, Workstations and Chairs :

For a work space the cubicles should not be very compact. There should be enough space for everyone to fit in properly. The number of seats should never be greater than the space. It should be well proportional.

Conference Hall Tables and Seating Arrangement :

There are different sizes of conference rooms. For a smaller conference hall, the equipment should be well managed like LCD should be fold able.

Also in conference rooms the door should always be taken care of. They should be properly sealed as not to let the secrets leak out.

Breakout Area / Cafeteria Chairs and Tables :

It is very difficult to accommodate lot of people in a breakout area. There also you will need office furniture. There are different options for café chairs and furniture. You can have sofas or chairs or coffee tables.

The best placement depends on the area of the breakout area i.e. if the breakout area is in general area then you can have a coffee table and high chairs.

If the breakout area is in an area of important officials then it must have sofas and appropriate center tables to give it a professional look. Also there you can have bookshelf for keeping newspapers and magazines.

Certain About Office Furniture Placement And Some Tips:

1. The most common error in office furniture placement is to place all the pieces around the walls, assuming it will make the room look larger. This is incorrect, as it exactly does the opposite and makes the room feel less usable.

2. The next error is to group all the office furniture around a focal piece like a fireplace or anything that attractive. Rather use a mirror or a piece of furniture or rug to highlight it. Do use lightning for the same.

3. The office furniture should always be proportional to the size of the room or the hall otherwise it looked all blocked in.