An average office-goer spends around two thousand hours each year at the office, which comes down to about 40 hours that the individual spends sitting in front of the office desk. So the importance of the office table is simply unquestionable. Be it work where you must visit the office or it is a proper “work from home” setup, the percentage of which has increased drastically due to the ongoing global pandemic, the work desk is privy to a major part of all the work that an individual performs at the office. Owing to the amount of time that is spent in front of it, it is extremely important that you make a wise choice when selecting a new one. So here are a few key factors for getting a new office table and if in any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us at Prestige Office Systems.

The Main Factors to Consider While Choosing Office Tables in Gurgaon

Office Decor

In the case of an ‘office’ table, you have to remember that it is not just a ‘standalone’ piece of furniture. Despite its importance, it is still just one part of the entire setting of the office where it is placed(be it ‘work from home’ or otherwise). So you must ensure that the desk that you select, blends in well with the rest of the office decor including, other furniture, color, ambiance, etc. For example, a mixing wood finish may be responsible for leading to a pieced-together look, in comparison to a polished and professional style that might be desired. So ensure that you check the color and style (i.e., contemporary, modern, traditional, etc.) before you buy an office table online or from the store so that you know that it will mix homogeneously with the other items present in your office.

The Budget

Office tables are available on the market at a wide range of price points. Most of these differences in prices are directly responsible for the quality of the furniture item. So we at Prestige Office Systems, the best manufacturer of office tables in Gurgaon, would recommend that you try and avoid going for an office table, just because it is the cheapest available option. In all likelihood, it will not be able to meet the demands of rigorous daily use. Then again, it is also not necessary for you to go for the office table that comes with the highest price tag. Browse through all the options at hand, when you buy office tables online and find the ones that suit your needs, are built sturdily, and are within your budget. For example, there are a whole host of options when it comes to solid wood, good office tables, that fall within a reasonable price range, accompanied by several top quality ones, with sleek designs and veneer finishes.

Desk Size

Desk Size is a very important factor when buying the Office Tables Gurgaon because you need to find that perfect balance in proportions. The table cannot be so small that it cannot accommodate the computer and other important items(files, pens, etc.), while also allowing the user space to work. However, it also cannot be so huge, especially if it is ‘work from home’, that it cramps up the entire setup. Moreover, extra-large office tables can seem visually overpowering and eat up the precious room needed to accommodate chairs and other furniture items. So, when buying the best office table(s) in Gurgaon, opt for one that is large enough to provide you with enough room to work but fits into the office space perfectly, without making it overpopulated. You can always visit our Prestige Office Systems official website when you buy office tables online, as with our massive collection, you are bound to find one that meets your specifications perfectly.

Drawer Storage

This is an often-overlooked factor that may result in you having to purchase a new desk if you ignore it the first time. The best office tables need to look good, but they also have to provide a lot of practicality. An office table with only a few drawers may fulfill your need for a modern visual appeal, but without being practical about the use that it will be put through, it is not a good office table. Even though it is undeniable that a table crammed with numerous drawers, can seem too cluttered, you must have an adequate amount of them to house all your necessary items, within the easy reach of the user. Never hesitate to contact our team of experienced professionals at Prestige Office Systems. Their valuable experience will help you to decide the perfect amount of storage space you will need for the number of necessary items that you need to keep handy.

Technology Needs

There are new types of technological needs that are being added to the list of necessities in an office every day. For example, you must take into account whether you need a sliding keyboard tray. Find out whether you need one that comes with ‘inbuilt’ openings that can accommodate numerous electrical cords and the positions that these openings need to be in(on top, on the sides, or both). Research properly beforehand to make sure that you know where the office table will be positioned, the method you will use to charge your electronic devices like the computer, mobiles, etc., in your office, before you decide to look for a good office table that you can buy. Our Prestige Office Systems team can help you in this respect. Their deep knowledge of all the different types of the best Office Tables in Gurgaon will allow you to select the one(s) that fulfills all your technological requirements and fits within your price range.


Purchasing a good office table in Gurgaon or elsewhere, is always a significant amount of investment and so if you are not able to get a good amount of use out of it, then there is no point in making that substantial amount of investment. Ensure that you know exactly what the office table is made of and how it was made, to make sure that you are getting a top-quality item from the manufacturer.

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Why Prestige Office Systems Make the Best Office Tables in Gurgaon


Design is something that we at Prestige Office Systems, really focus upon when manufacturing the best office tables in Gurgaon. We know that all buyers have different requirements for designs so as to fit the decor in their office. So we house everything from tables with a traditional design that adds a “classic” look to your office setup to contemporary and sleek designs that are bound to spruce up your office.

Structural Integrity

It is not without reason that we hold the tag for the “Best Manufacturer of Office Tables in Gurgaon”. Each and every one of our office tables is built to last. Each one is created keeping in mind the daily rigors and abuse that it will have to face in the office. Not only do we use only the best quality materials to create them, but only our extremely talented and experienced professional team is also allowed to touch the furniture items during manufacture.

Incredible Collection

Our collection is simply unmatched when it comes to the best office tables in Gurgaon. This holds true not only for quantity, but also for variety, price range, and quality. The best part is all of our creations are listed on our website so that you can easily access each of them easily.

Team of Professionals

We have only hired professionals who are simply the best in their field, are extremely talented, and come with a lot of experience. That way you can rest assured that you will only get the Best Office Table in Gurgaon when you buy from us.

All Round Service

Not on;y do we sell the best office tables, we also provide a host of different services including helping you choose the table that fits your requirements, giving you an idea of how it will fit in your office, getting the furniture item to your preferred address, etc. We offer after-sales services too. You can easily find out about all our services on our website.


All our products come with a substantial amount of warranty period. It is our belief that this will show you the supreme faith we have in each of our items so that you never have to worry about the quality of the product you buy. All our products come listed with their warranty periods, which you can easily check out from our website, when you buy the best office tables online, from us at Prestige Office Systems.

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The office table is a very important aspect of the office setup. It has to be given its due importance when you are trying to select a new one. Quality, design, size, etc. are important needs and you must also make sure that you stick to your budget, as overshooting the budget can pose problems later on. Make sure you seek professional help like we at Prestige Office Systems provide before you try purchasing the best office table in Gurgaon so that you know you are making the right choice and the table fulfills all your needs while fitting into your office snugly.

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