Even if an individual works for around 40 hours each week, it comes to a total of around 1900 hours, every single year, that he/she spends in the office. Most of which is spent on the humble office chair. In many cases, more importance is directed towards other areas of the office setup, regardless of whether it is a ‘work from home’ setup or not. Multiple ergonomic studies have been conducted that show that a properly supportive Office Chairs Gurgaon adds to a person’s productivity. Leaving aside a reduction in efficiency, a bad chair can also lead to strains, leg problems, carpal tunnel, and several other physical issues. So, try to spend more on a good office chair as it more than makes up for its relatively steep price tag, with the incredible service that it provides.

What To Look For in an Office Chair?

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that any office chair that is procured needs to fit in as a part of the decor. The problem is people tend to focus more on just how the chair looks without giving much thought to the effects the chair will have on the health of the person who uses it. Design and Ergonomics need to be given a lot more important when you are trying to select a chair for your office. Let’s take a look at the different factors that must be taken into account before buying office chairs in Gurgaon.


Proper Lumbar Support 

Office goers spend a huge amount of time on the chairs designated to them at the office. Lower Back problems have become very common. Thus, it has become imperative to choose an office chair that comes with adjustable lumbar support, allowing the user to snugly fit their lower back into the chair. It is an extremely important factor when it comes to eliminating physical strains, including back problems, that can actually turn into sciatica(a possibly debilitating physical condition), through prolonged regular use. This is why when we at Prestige Office Systems, manufacture chairs we ensure that your lower back is supported to the fullest.


Almost all the chairs manufactured specifically for office use, whether ‘work from home’ or not, come with adjustment options for both height and arm placement. Some of the best office chairs Gurgaon, come with a minimum of 5 adjustments and this number of adjustments can go as high as 14 in a few others. Lumbar Support, arm width, and height, angle of the seat and backrest, tension control, etc. are all important elements on an office chair that need to be adjustable. The best office chairs in Gurgaon, have most of their supports controlled by a dial, while a few are controlled by a hand-held pump, that has similarities with a blood pressure cuff pump.

Wheel Base

Arguably all types of office chairs in Gurgaon, come with a Wheelbase. At the time of choosing an office chair, you need to keep in mind whether the office floor is carpeted or not. In case it is carpeted make sure that the chair’s wheels have been designed specifically for use on carpeted floors. Rolling is very important for reducing the strain caused by reaching across desks for the retrieval of items out of your reach. A huge benefit that we at Prestige Office Systems, the top manufacturer of office chairs in Gurgaon, offer is our massive collection of office chairs in Gurgaon. That allows you to surely find a chair with a wheelbase matching your requirements.

Swivel Base

Swivelling freely is an important characteristic for any office chair, as an office goer often needs easy access to all different parts of his/her desk. In case the chair does not have the ability to swivel without hindrances, it can lead to arm fatigue resulting from repeated overextension of the arm(s) while trying to reach multiple items.


The fabric that is put on the office chair needs to be breathable so that the chair does not become too hot and thus uncomfortable for the user. Care and comfort are important elements to keep in mind, apart from the look when it comes to choosing the chair that has the right fabric.


Buying a chair is an important investment. So you need to ensure that the company from which you’re buying Office Chairs Gurgaon offers you a respectable warranty period. A good warranty period also shows the confidence of the company in their product.

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Importance of a Good Office Chair


At Prestige Office Systems we believe that a good chair can have a huge and yet unsaid impact on the person sitting on it. Our team of experienced professionals has chalked out a few factors that illustrate the importance of a good office chair,

Less Physical Strain

A good office chair lessens back strain, provides good care, and

eliminates fatigue and discomfort that results from sitting in the same bad chair for hours on end.

More Productivity

Employees who are comfortable have been found to be more engaged with their work, more efficient, and thus, more effective. They tend to take a lot fewer breaks from work, than if they are uncomfortable. This creates a positive work environment.

Better Comfort

A Good Office Chair means there will always be an adequate amount of comfortable cushioning on it. This cushioning plays an integral part in supporting the person sitting on it and does not let him/her feel the chair base through the cushion.

Importance of Trying out Chairs Before Buying

Proper Fit

In case of trying to procure good chairs for the office, the office managers should make an attempt to get their employees to take trials of the chair before buying it. That allows you to ensure that the chairs will fit the employees perfectly. It is very important to make sure that the feel of the chair is on point before you buy it. A large number of office supply companies bring a wide range of office chairs to the office space for the employees to try them out and select the best one available.


Once you take trials of a chair you get to know if the backrest is well-made and whether it follows your spine. It also needs to support and take care of the curve in your lower back.

Chair Height

This is an important reason for trying out a chair first because you need to see that its height allows you to not only view the computer screen or files, etc. on the table/desk at an appropriate angle and also allows your feet to comfortably rest on the floor. The center of the screen should be directly in your line of sight when you sit straight. Our suggestion at Prestige Office Systems, the best manufacturer of office chairs Gurgaon, would be that you should try all the adjustments the chair offers to ensure that you have all your personalized settings easily available.

Chair Structure

The armrests need to be close to the body allowing the shoulders to relax. The chair should be able to offer you adjustable arm height, to match the desk height and to meet your needs. That way it will not be strenuous for your shoulders. The back of the chair should meet the midpoint between the shoulder blades, to provide enough support. The seat should have enough length so that there are at least 2-3 inches between it and your knees.

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Why Prestige Office Systems is the Best at Office Chairs Gurgaon?

Build Quality

We ensure that each of our models is made with the best quality material, by our team of esteemed professionals. This means each of our products is very durable and built to last.

Sleek Design

We at Prestige Office Systems focus mainly on crafting, designing, and finally developing good, contemporary, chairs that increase the style and sophistication of the office, even if it is in a ‘work from home’ setting.


Try to opt for memory foam. It not only provides great support and comfort to the user, but it is also extremely durable. A comfortable office chair makes sure that the user does not fall under strain and does not get injured. Comfort also leads to happy and healthy employees who are more efficient and thus productive.

Huge Collection

Our collection of office chairs is among the largest in the whole of Gurgaon and all our products come with different types of fittings and fixtures that will suit prerequisites and desires, characteristic of a company setting. We believe that all corporate offices need to be planned with not just the look and impression of the workplace in mind, but should also care about the health and luxury of the employees.

An office chair is very important for the corporate setting, even when you are working from home. So before making that investment you need to make sure that you browse through all available options to find the one that matches your own needs properly. Don’t just go for just a look alone, but make sure that the factors like comfort, design, build quality, warranty, etc. are favorable. In case you are in any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced and professional team at Prestige Office Systems.

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